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Welcome and thank you for visiting Propeller Guard Technologies, Inc.  Since 1998, we've been providing the top safety solutions to help eliminate the hazards associated with propeller strikes, falls overboard, reboarding, and inadvertent engine starts.

Originally designed to increase safety for the recreational boater, our products have become instrumental towards occupational safety and health. Implementation of the appropriate product has proven to help reduce exposure to litigation, potential workers compensation claims and has lowered insurance premiums for employers, training facilities, first responders and other agencies worldwide. 

Our Product Line Includes:
The Prop Guard Proposition USPS.

Custom PropellerGuards,
Made in the USA
From basic to full cage protection, we can customize any guard that meets your specific needs.

Winner 2005 NMMA's "Innovation
of the Year" Award and winner of
2006 Canadian Safe Boating
Councils "Safety Award".

Virtual Lifeline, Made in the USA
- The Original Award Winning “wireless lanyard” designed to protect everyone on board from falls overboard.

PropStopper, Made in the USA
- A “ladder interlock” that turns off your engine when the ladder is lowered and keeps it off until the ladder is safely returned.

Note: The PropStopper is custom built to the boat’s helm and ladder configurations. Please contact us for more information.

Captain’s Mate, Made in the USA
- Prevents inadvertent motor start-ups and reinforces pre-launch protocol on larger vessels.

Note: The Captian’s Mate is custom built to the vessel’s helm configuration(s) and control location(s).
Please contact us for more information.